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Here are several resources related to this website that you might be interested in.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has printable online coloring books. These are all educational based. They also have interactive coloring pages to entertain kids online.

There are coloring activities from the United States Mint. Kids can color a number of historical coins.

The U.S. National Park service has print and color illustrations of Yellowstone. Color a wide array designs related to the world’s first national park.

I was a huge Curious George fan when I was a kid. He now has made his way online thanks to PBS Kids. You can browse their wonderful selection Curious George coloring printables. These include fun activity worksheets to play with your kids. PBS Kids also has other fun free activities you may enjoy.

Teachers can get many resources from the Library of Congress. The website includes classroom materials such as free resources and lesson plans. Their themed resources has rare maps, recorded songs, interactive games, and detailed bibliographies that cover the history of North America. I really appreciate the class starters section with areas like "Today in History" and memory timeline. You can also jump back in time and explore everyday science related mysteries. Presentations and activities is another section for teachers and students. Education makes the world a better place.

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